Shepherds Bush


Shepherds Bush
Shepherd Road
Glen Waverley , VIC


71 J 3


Meet at the end of Shepherd Road (Melway map 71 J 3). After the walk at Shepherds Bush we’ll drive to Nortons Park for an early lunch or late morning tea as it has toilets. From Shepherds Bush drive to the other end of Shepherd Road, turn right at Gallaghers Road and continue to traffic lights on High Street. Turn right, continue back to bushland and look for Nortons Road on the right, a gravel road. The entry to Nortons Park is not far along, on the right. After lunch/morning tea, return to High Street, turn left, continue to first traffic lights and turn right onto Capital Avenue. Take the third right onto King Arthur Drive, following sign to Camelot Rise Primary School. We’ll park in front of the school and walk from there.